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Do you wear your heels properly?

by Shoecup Com 07 Mar 2016

Pleaser Shoes

The high current gives self-confidence, sophistication and beauty of the posture, but only if the shoes are selected properly, and your body posture is perfect. In any other case either the side view is ridiculous, or you can seriously harm your health. Here are the basic rules for the selection and wearing of high heels:

Always buy the perfect size

Buying shoes with a smaller number from the real is a huge mistake. After half an hour walking your feet will swell and you’ll want to go barefoot. When you put on high heels with a larger number, your foot slides forward and downward, which changes the ideal position of the foot – the heel and the ankle should be in line with the heel. Never compromise with the size! Look for shoes with a perfect curve. You may like super high heels on a thin sole, giving elegance of the foot as of a ballerina, but this is the worst thing that you can undergo your feet! Do not grow stupid out of vanity.

Always walk the shoes

If you want to put on a brand new pair of shoes on current for a special occasion such as a wedding, job interview, etc., always take 2-3 days before that, dedicated to walk the new pair. In the morning before work and in the evening walk around with the shoes at home. This can save you from embarrassing and painful situations at the special event. Use “springy” accessories in the shoes. We said it too complicated, but you have probably guessed that we advise you to put cotton or silicone mats on the trouble spots in the shoe. They can radically change the way you feel in the shoe and the way you walk – the posture and the stride.

Do not stay straight for too long

There is no way, the more you stand straight with high heels, the worse for your feet. Sit down more often even if it is for a while.Allow your feet to rest, in order to serve you faithfully throughout the day (or night).

Explore your feet and then buy shoes on heels

You need to know the good and bad sides of your feet before buying shoes.With trying on different shoes determine which models fit best and most comfortable on feet with wider fingers, knuckles and bunions etc.

Keep your back straight

Note – straight back and thrusting breasts are not the same thing! The correct posture not only reduces the strain on the feet, but will make you look more elegant and charming. Relax from the thin heels and wear whole soles. Have mercy on yourself! There are enough beautiful models high boots with whole soles, wear such once or twice a week, for example (this recommendation is for the ladies, who generally do not descend from the heels).

Always take care of your feet, after taking off the heels

Pamper your faithful feet with massage, bath with sea salt and cream against corns. Just this is enough to make you feel amazing.

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