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Pole Dance Shoes: Boots or Heels?

Boots like the Aspire-1020 are ideal for pole dancing, offering excellent grip that aids in performing spins without losing contact with the pole. They ensure stability and support, keeping you safe and injury-free. Conversely, for added traction, especially when climbing, shoes with plastic or vinyl straps are advantageous. Ankle straps, in particular, are beneficial for executing power spins, leg kicks, and inverted maneuvers, as they provide crucial heel support. The Flamingo-808 sandals, with their clear straps, not only offer this support but also visually lengthen your legs, creating an endlessly elegant silhouette.

Determining the Ideal Heel Height for You

Embarking on your pole dancing journey? Start with our 6" heels from the Aspire collection. This beginner-friendly height offers stability and the added advantage of elevating your performance. Pole dancing heels not only enhance the look of your legs but also facilitate your dance moves. Our Pleaser shoes are designed for support and comfort, featuring angled fronts for easier trick execution and platforms that provide balance during spins. As you gain confidence, graduate to our 7" and 8" heels. Many of our dancers regard the 8" heels from our Flamingo series as the ideal height for both comfort and style.