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Pleaser's Sky-308 has been rated "the best pole dancing shoes" by our customers.

by Shoecup Com 18 Feb 2016

best pole dancing shoes sky-308

Here is what our customer said about this:

"I'm a dancer, and these shoes are just plain awesome. Very comfortable, very sexy, and they look good with pretty much any outfit since they are clear. Also, the ankle strap is reinforced on the sides, which makes them actually last longer than your average dance shoe."

"They're super tall - I'm still adjusting to walking in them because I usually don't wear heels, but since I've started pole fitness I wanted to get into the "stripper gear" and I'm so loving them. They're so easy to walk in and they're uber comfy. There's padding that makes you almost forget you're walking 7 inches higher, until you look down and see the floor so far away lol I'd totally recommend them."

"My favorite pole dancing shoes to date! I love the chrome, which has a better effect than the clear heels. I can't wait to buy the red chrome and hot pink chrome! I may buy them all!"

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