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All about Drag Queen Shoes

by Shoecup Com 07 Mar 2016

The subject today is drag queens shoes. Have you ever seen what you would unquestionable call one of the most beautiful women in the world but there is something about her that has you questioning why her hands and feet are so big not to mention she is standing six foot three. Is this beautiful creature really a women?

As you take another snickie look you notice that her make up is sheer perfection but also like a caricature of a perfect woman. Wait a minute... is that a man? It's very possible!

Drag Queens Shoes for big feet Drag queens come in all shapes and sizes.

Some are flamboyant gay men that are almost comical and others actually dress like this simply to entertain. Yes, there are women that will dress as males also but these are usually referred to as drag kings.

Then there are faux queen which are women that dress in and exaggerated way to impersonate a drag queen. Confusing is all I can say. You will find these festive queens participating in event like singing for a crowd on stage, at gay pride events, drag pageants or even being the host (or if you prefer, hostesses)for social events in night clubs or for private parties.Drag is part of the gay culture for sure.

A female impersonator is usually what I would call a drag queen. Transvestites are sometimes called drag queens but usually cross dress in their daily lives as oppose to for entertainment purposes. One of the biggest things I've noticed when I have seen these beauties are the perfect make up, the glamorous clothing but most of all these shoes. I had always wondered where the heck they found shoes to fit their large feet. Not to mention that they are wearing high heels covered in glitter or maybe just a simply black pump. I didn't know they that I would spend most of my adult life selling shoes to these fun filled men who are some of the most beautiful women I've ever known.

I think drag is like a state of mind and when you can loosen up enough to enjoy yourself the battle is half over but the search these performers have trying to find the perfect high heel shoes in a size 13, size 14, size 15 or even the size 16 in womens shoes is extremely difficult. This doesn't even go to the fact that women shoes are made in a B width where men are used to the usual width for mens shoes is a D. so men need not only larger sizes but also need a wider width.

Only a few years ago I remember that were very few high heel shoe manufacturers that were producing shoes in even a size 12, much less in the larger sizes we carry today. The manufacturers didn't seem to care much or even have a clue that there was a tremendous amount of women in search for larger size sizes.

This doesn't even mention the amount of males that were in search of high heels. In today’s world the drag culture is more accepted. Both women and men a like are able to find sexy shoes in the larger sizes or even boots with larger calves. Today we carry over 100 different items available in size 15 and size 16 and believe it or not, 1000's that come in a size 12 and up.

Sounds like the manufacturers finally took notice of a market that they had not noticed in the past. For all you guys that are shopping far and wide for a sexy pair of shoes you can wear to match you seductive ball gown in you stage act being a queen in drag well, let's just say, you ship has finally come in.

Drag queens no longer have to struggle to find shoes. Now there is one other thing we have been working on convincing our manufacturers of is that many of our customers, especially those in search of the larger size shoes not only need the big size shoes but, also are in need of a wider width. We will continue to work with these manufacturers and continue to nag them on your behalf because I do understand your situation and what you need to complete you outfits.

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