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Bordello by Pleaser Review BELLA-12R Royal Blue Satin Pumps Rhinestoned Platform

by Shoecup Com 18 Feb 2016

Pleaser has produced some fantastic high heels over the years, and these royal blue heels sexy high heels are no exception. The satin for these sexy high heels is so shiny that it seems to gleam, which only makes the royal blue color stand out further. These royal blue heels sexy high heels are not for people who want to hide. They're for confident individuals who want to stand tall, confident, and proud, and they will when they wear these shoes. 

The lower platform of the shoes is decorated with rhinestones. The rest of the shoe is satin, so the rhinestones create a nice contrast in terms of the texture of the shoe itself. The rhinestones on these shoes also make them distinctly stylistically different from many similar pumps on the market today.  

Plenty of those pumps have a smooth appearance. Shoes that use many different textures are more unique. They will also manage to complement people's outfits in an entirely different way. Generic shoes can make an outfit look more generic, while more artistic shoes demonstrate that the people in question have put more thought into their selections.

People with broad shoe collections are going to want shoes that stand out, since owning what appear to be multiple copies of the same shoe isn't as much fun as owning a varied and diverse shoe collection. These pumps by Pleaser should stand out in even the most crowded shoe collection.

The sole of the shoe is artificial, and it should manage to provide decent support. People don't purchase high heels for the sake of arch support and similar features, but high heels should still be relatively comfortable. Individuals who are wearing high heels for the first time may run into some problems with these particular high heels, which are taller than some of the high heels on the market today. However, people who are used to wearing high heels shouldn't run into any problems with these. These shoes are perfect for people who are seasoned with regards to wearing high heels.

These Bordello pumps will add about two inches to a person's height, which is a good augmentation. Some high heels are even taller than that, and even seasoned individuals may have a difficult time being able to walk in heels like that. However, many people may feel as if the heels that are shorter aren't really worth it. Height augmentation is part of the point of wearing high heels in the first place, and it is important to strike a balance between comfort and utility. These Bordello pumps by Pleaser manage to hit that narrow target, allowing their wearers to feel taller and more stylish at the same time.

These pumps are available in a wide range of different sizes. Women who wear a size five to a size thirteen should be able to find versions of the shoes that fit them perfectly. However, it should be noted that many customers have reported that these particular shoes tend to run small, at least to a certain extent. As such, women may want to purchase shoes that are one size larger than their normal size, especially if they're ordering the shoes online. It's better to choose a larger size than a smaller one. However, people ultimately shouldn't have any problems with their Bordello pumps by Pleaser.

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