From Pleasers to Demonia: Top Celebs Who Wear High Platform Shoes


What do women want?  A closet full of nothing but sexy high heels, of course! We want a pair to match with every outfit combination imaginable no matter how outrageous they may look.  For many, the taller the heel and platform, the better.  The more colorful and wild, the more appealing they become.  And if they’re on clearance, we’ll take one in every color!  You don’t have to be a stripper to have go-go boots or 10-inch Pleaser high heels in your closet.

As passionate as we are about our shoes, we know that there are celebrities out there who share the same shoe fetish and addiction that we do!  We created a post all about the celebrities that take shoe fashion to a whole new level with spiky studs, high platforms, and embellished shoes to match their lavish and over-the-top lifestyles. 

Kat Von. D

Known for her tattooing abilities and makeup line, this shoe fashionista has a plethora of shoes in various styles, colors, shapes, and heights.  Shoe enthusiasts can follow Kat Von D on Instagram (@thekatvond) and catch a glimpse of her outrageous and fun footwear.  Her “shoe of the day” posts receive instant appreciation from millions of her followers.  She takes her gothic look to an extreme when she wears a pear of her gothic shoes or steampunk boots.  Don’t let this look fool you.  She also has a collection of funky colored high heel shoes that express her unique style. 

Lady Gaga

Mother Monster is known for her funky, lavish, and sometimes strange looks at award ceremonies, interviews, and concerts.  It’s not just her outfits that turn heads and get all the magazines ranting and raving.  It’s all about the shoes baby! Her shoe collection takes the words Pleaser pumps to skyscraping new heights.  Her custom-made shoes have inspired shoe designers to chop off the heel creating a trendy new heel-less look that has hit the forefront of the fashion industry. 

Nicki Minaj

Anytime this girl is strutting her stuff down a red carpet or about to perform one of her award-winning songs she does it with style and attitude.  Her outfits aren’t the only thing that leaves an impression on her fans.  The entire outfit begins with the shoes.  Sexy high heels are high on her list including Demonia boots, Pleaser heels, and classic pumps.  Shoes are associated with Nicki Minaj so much that she appeared in an ADIDAS commercial with her song “Masquerade” playing in the background. 


This short and compact “meatball” gets a lift from the most blinged-out, leopard print, sexy high heels on the market.  Whether she’s heading out to dance at Karma with her shore house roommates, shopping with baby Lorenzo, or hosting a special TV broadcast she is rockin’ a pair of show stopping-shoes.  From rhinestone embellished pleasure pumps to fuzzy animal print boots, this girl’s closet is chock-full of heels.

Katy Perry

This ex-gospel singer is hitting the streets with a brand new pair of shoes on her feet and microphone in hand.  Known for her songs “I Kissed A Girl,” “ Teenage Dream,” and “Firework,” Katy Perry traded in her choir uniform for some over-the-top costumes.  With that comes pin-up couture shoes, thigh high-heel boots, and sexy wedges to complete both her onstage and everyday looks.  She’s fine, fresh, and fierce in any style shoe she wears because of her fun-loving personality. 

Miley Cyrus

After chopping off her hair, Miley Cyrus completely changed her look from sweet and innocent to headstrong, badass rebel.  It wasn’t just her hair that was transformed— it was also her wardrobe.  She traded in her juvenile Hannah Montana clothing for 50 shades of black and grey.  Regardless, this girl can rock gothic-inspired Creeper shoes and knee-high combat boots like no other.  She just can’t be tamed!

Kim Kardashian

After her sex tape with Ray J was leaked to the public, Kim Kardashian became an instant celebrity and later gained fame for the TV show Keeping Up With The Kardashians.  Dressed to impress, Kim Kardashian is usually sporting a pair of pumps, Pleaser boots, or booties that elevate her sex appeal and complete all her looks.  


She’s got herself an obsession, and it’s not just boots and boys! Kesha has a wide variety of shoes to fit her ever-changing persona whether it’s on stage, at an award show, or out and about.  This girl can pull off a great pair of Creeper shoes and turn around and rock knee-high boots.  Her rocking wild child personality helps her pull off even the most outrageous footwear.  

Victoria Beckham

This ex Spice Girl traded in her little black dress but kept the shoes.  No matter what pair of heels she puts on that day, it’s a show-stopping experience for everyone that sees her.  To spice up her life, she recreates the mom look with Harper on her hip, Bordello Teeze wedged booties on her feet, designer purse in hand, and a sexy outfit. 


This girl shines like a diamond in her knee-high Pleaser boots that accentuate her long and toned legs.  Rihanna has fashion-forward shoes in numerous styles, colors, and prints that help her stand out on the red carpet.  Ramping up the sex appeal, she wears shoes that are sure to excite the masses and channel her exotic side.  It feels so good being bad!